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Perhaps the greatest asset in your business is your staff. Supporting their skills growth is a great way to improve loyalty, contribute to succession planning and enhance productivity.

The Apprenticeship Community makes employing apprentices or trainees in your workplace easy, whether up-skilling an existing employee or hiring a new employee for your business.

We can assist you to find the right qualification for your industry skills needs. We can also assist with recruiting, lodging paperwork, finding a suitable training provider, eligible incentive claims and mentoring support.

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The Apprenticeship Community is an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider and not-for-profit that connects employers and apprentices with trainees. Our goal is to ensure your apprentice or trainee is on track with their qualification and contributing to your business productivity. Our team of experts can help you with:

  • funding advice
  • recruitment & onboarding
  • apprentice & trainee mentoring
  • ongoing wraparound support

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Frequently asked questions

What is an apprenticeship or traineeship?

In most cases, an apprenticeship relates to a trade industry qualification, for example carpentry, electrical, plumbing, cooking, hairdressing, automotive or engineering. Traineeships generally cover non-trade certificate qualifications for example retail, hospitality, business, IT, tourism and much more. There are hundreds of options to choose from and you can check these out in our A-Z Guide.

Can a casual or a sub-contractor become an apprentice or a trainee?

No, while engaged as a sub-contractor or casual employee, a person cannot be signed up as an apprentice or trainee. Your business will need to employ all apprentices or trainees under the required PAYG tax withholding, super and fringe benefits tax obligations.

How long does an apprenticeship or traineeship take to complete?

Full time apprenticeships will take between 36 to 60 months, depending on the apprentice and how quickly they complete the competencies. An apprentice will undertake qualifications from Cert Level III to Advanced Diploma. Full time traineeships will take between 12 and 24 months, undertaking qualifications from Cert Level II to Advanced Diploma. Recognition of prior learning, on the job learning and formal or informal experience can all contribute towards competency and completion of the qualification.

What qualification should my apprentice or trainee undertake?

Choosing the correct qualification depends on your business needs, the qualifications held by your industry and the prior skills of your prospective apprentice or trainee. The Apprenticeship Community can assist you to make the right choice based on your needs. There are currently over 600 qualifications to choose from and you can find more information in our A-Z Guide. A helpful online resource can also be found at

What is the pay rate for an apprentice or a trainee?

Pay rates for apprentices and trainees vary depending on industry, the qualification they are undertaking and the award that your business employs staff under. You can find pay rates at or call 13 13 94.

What is the cost to me and are there subsidies available?

Certain subsidies are available through the State Government, and the Australian Government also offers a range of financial incentives – eligibility criteria applies. These may assist you to cover wages and training related costs. The Apprenticeship Community can provide further information and assist with subsidy claims for your business.

Which training provider?

Choosing a suitable training provider is important and an Apprenticeship Community consultant can assist by providing a list of suitable Registered Training Organisations for you and your apprentice or trainee to choose from.

The training provider develops the Training Plan, provides the formal training and assesses your apprentice or trainee for the duration of the training.

TAFE is a public provider but there are many private Registered Training Organisations as well, offering a range of industry qualifications. These are offered either as a fee-for-service basis or are Government funded under the User Choice program.

Can I amend or cancel the training contract?

We can assist you if you would like to amend or cancel your apprentice’s or trainee’s contract information.

On completion of the training, what happens next?

Once all required competencies have been completed, you will need to contact your training provider so that you (as the employer), the apprentice/trainee and your training provider can sign a completion agreement, stating that all training and assessment required under the Training Plan has been completed. The training provider then submits the signed agreement to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to issue the certificate of completion.

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