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The Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive supports Western Australian businesses who employ an apprentice or new entrant trainee and have lodged the training contract for registration on or after 1 July 2019.

It aims to increase the number of apprenticeships and traineeships by helping employers meet the costs of recruitment.

Employers who are eligible to access the incentive are:

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Please note, this is a guide only, all amounts of incentives and subsidies are dependent on all eligibility requirements being met. Details on these eligibility requirements should be discussed further with one of our apprenticeship field officers.

New! Adult Apprenticeship Employer Incentive

Would you like to employ an apprentice who’s over 21 years, and benefit from their maturity and experience? Just launched, the Jobs and Skills WA Adult Apprentice Employer Incentive (AAEI) could provide your business with up to $26,800 in financial assistance.

Your business may be eligible if you’re:

  • an employer of an eligible apprentices aged 21 years or older with a registered training contract
  • an employer within a large corporate entity who pays apprentice wages (paying entity) on behalf of employing entities within the same corporate structure
  • a group training organisation (GTOs);
  • a Local Government and Government Trading Enterprises (GTEs)
  • a not for profit.

How much is the incentive?

Eligible employers receive payments of $6,700 per annum, paid at three milestone payment points over the life of the training contract. The total amount of payments you’re entitled to is dependent on the nominal term of the training contract.

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