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Jo Eagle 5 - The Apprenticeship Community
Jo Eagle

State Manager

Jo has over 25 years’ experience in the industry with a background that includes managing the apprenticeship service of WA’s largest employer association, heading up a registered training organisation, experience in the public sector and a training and development degree. This experience enables her to effectively understand and anticipate training and workforce development needs and provide the best possible service.

“Apprenticeships and traineeships have always been my passion. My role enables me to lead a flourishing business with an amazing team of people and great culture. Our goal is to help companies and individuals achieve their dreams by learning and growing in over 500 career paths.

“As the only not-for-profit provider in WA, it’s my goal to offer an innovative and holistic service. Our customers span all sizes and sectors, from BHP, Perenti and Austal to local hairdressers and electrical providers.”

Colleen Sturmfels 6 - The Apprenticeship Community
Colleen Sturmfels

Operations Manager

Colleen manages operations for both the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) and Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers programs. She also oversees a team of Apprenticeship Field Officers, Recruitment and Career Advisors and Mentors. With a background in training organisations and AASN, she has a strong understanding of the sector.

“I’ve always been passionate about learning and the need for different pathways in education. Having two children who have done traineeships, I have a personal understanding of their value as well as the benefits of the support services that AASNs offer.“

Colleen is relationship-focused, open and honest. Her strengths include bringing out the best in her teams to deliver exceptional service. She works hard but knows how to have fun too! Clients include Brindle Group, Lawleys Bakery’s and Red Rooster & Chicken Treat.

Rocco Vallelonga 7 - The Apprenticeship Community
Rocco Vallelonga

Manager – Apprenticeship Field Officers

Rocco manages a team of Apprenticeship Field Officers helping them support clients, apprentices and trainees. He focuses on facilitating a smooth apprenticeship sign-up process to encourage employers to continue creating opportunities for new recruits. “Seeing people start a new career journey is what drives me.”

Clients include NRW FireSafe and WAMMCO.

Kerry Robson 10 - The Apprenticeship Community
Kerry Robson

Team Leader – Administration

Kerry’s team supports all areas of the business. Her main role is reporting on targets, pulling employer and database reports and researching clients. She has an eagle eye for making sure clients get the best service.

“I’ve been in this field of work for nearly 20 years. I started as a trainee and worked my way up to an AFO Regional Manager. When I came back part-time after children to look after clients, I started in this role. I like to think I have a vast knowledge over all areas and am happy to share this. I love working as part of a team and making sure our clients are getting the best possible service.”

Clients include Perenti Group.

Lisa Smith 3 - The Apprenticeship Community
Lisa Smith

Apprenticeship Field Officer – Perth

“I love my job. Signing up apprentices and trainees is a really positive process to be involved in.

I’ve been in this role for 21 years and have had the opportunity to see apprentices complete their apprenticeship successfully, have established great relationships with employers and have watched employers grow and develop their business.”

Clients include ADCO Electrics, Williams Electrical, Austal Ships and Barminco.

Kym Tierney 5 - The Apprenticeship Community
Kym Tierney

Recruitment and Careers Advisor

Kym works with a team that provides advice to potential apprentices, trainees and employers so they can find the right fit. This improves the chances of a successful outcome for everyone involved.

“My role allows me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of future apprentices and trainees as well as small sole traders and businesses working on billion-dollar contracts. I strongly believe that apprenticeships and traineeships can provide a solid foundation to someone’s career, so value the opportunity I have to connect apprentices and trainees with the right employers.”

With a diverse background in retail, mining, hospitality and recruitment across WA and the UK, Kym continues to be inspired by this role every day.

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